Our Services
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IT Integration

We can help setup your iBurst environment to run anyway you like. Stand-alone, networked, distributed signalling, mixed configurations, hotspot, extended ranging.

Website Development

Every enterprise operating in todays business environment needs a web presence. Whether a full blown website or simple web page. And using SEO it needs to be found on the web.

Branded Email

Still communicating via a Hotmail, Yahoo or even Google email account? We can help your business get taken more seriously by establishing your own domain.

24/7 Contractual Support

We offer availability for backup and support second to none. An SLA means that your business need never suffer debilitating downtime resultingin losses because of IT.

Online Transacting

From producing quotations, to accounting, to CRM, to online banking. We cane help your business get the most out of IT by automating these functions.

User Training and Support

Staff changes are a reality in todays fast based business environment. We can minimise the disruption by offering onsite training programs getting new users up to speed in no time.