About Us
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A division of Better Practice Management cc

When our customers started experiencing major problems with Telkom regarding issues of broadband availability, errant accounts, bad (no make that putrid) customer service, and a no-care attitude from the parastatal, we knew there had to be an alternative. Our research led to iBurst. While not perfect in every sense, it was a tenfold improvement over the Telkom service offing. We undertook formal training with them, and took the step of representing them as agents in the greater Cape Town Area. Our focus is in the Northern Suburbs.

Professional Expertise

We realise computer experts are a proverbial dime-a-dozen. We believe however that only formal training can lay the foundation for solid solutions to problems. It's not just the "how", but the "why". The solutions we provide is based on strong technical foundations - we go deep and wide. We understand that a number of customers may not require our depth and experience. Our service offering are therefore quite narrowly focused on where we can make a difference.

Great Customer Support

A doctor is only as good as his or her bedside manner. Technology without people is nothing. We love nothing better than to help you in the fastest, slickest and most pain-free method possible. Some times this costs a little money, and sometimes a lot us effort. But in the long-run, the rewards are substantial. Ons gesels ook graag Afrikaans.

Technology Integration Specialists

Technology affects almost every facet of our lives. We'd like to believe in it as a positive agent for change. With almost 30 years experience in the field, our offering span a wide range of industries and technologies. We bring all these to bear when we interact with you.